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Kutsurogi Time (Relaxing time) Pikachu & Pichu is a figure approx. 11cm tall made by Bandai Spirits. The figure was first released in Japan on July 7, 2020 as a prize. In Japan there's a lot of lottery draws and this figure was one of the prizes that you were able to win (but you can find online people that sell the figure).

The figure comes in a cardboard box.
IMG_20210906_224909.jpg IMG_20210906_224915.jpg IMG_20210906_224920.jpg IMG_20210906_224926.jpg IMG_20210906_224936.jpg IMG_20210906_224946.jpg
IMG_20210906_225057.jpg IMG_20210906_225153.jpg IMG_20210906_225223.jpg
Inside the cardboard box you will find:
- Pikachu figure
- Pichu figure
- Pikachu's tail
- one stand
The figures are inside a plastic bag, the plastic is to protect the figures since some parts (Pikachu's tail) are more delicate.
IMG_20210906_225302.jpg IMG_20210906_225306.jpg IMG_20210906_225501.jpg IMG_20210906_225512.jpg

The assembly is really easy and only takes one minute to assemble.
Each part of the figure was reproduced really well and both Pikachu and Pichu are really cute in this figure.
The stand with the log is really detailed and the small details like the grass and flowers are a nice touch that give the stand more details.
IMG_20210906_225614.jpg IMG_20210906_225622.jpg IMG_20210906_225631.jpg IMG_20210906_225638.jpg IMG_20210906_225651.jpg IMG_20210906_225657.jpg IMG_20210906_225706.jpg IMG_20210906_225711.jpg

The quality is really good and the figure is really nice to look at.
This figure is definitely a must buy!
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