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ARTFX J May with Torchic is a figure made by Kotobukiya from the series ARTFX J.
The ARTFX J series aims to make characters from Japanese media available to worldwide fans.

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/8
Size: May is approximately 195mm tall | Torchic is approximately 68mm tall
Materials: PVC, ABS
EAN/JAN: 4934054032662
Artists: May: Itandi | Torchic: Tobe

The figure was set to release in Japan in April 2022 but was delayed and released in May 2022.
The figure comes in a sturdy window box packaging so the figure is really well protected.
Usually the ARTFX J Pokémon figures have a Japanese Pokémon logo but this time they used the international logo.
IMG_20220607_014713.jpg IMG_20220607_014826.jpg IMG_20220607_014849.jpg IMG_20220607_014743.jpg IMG_20220607_014902.jpg IMG_20220607_014921.jpg
IMG_20220607_014959.jpg IMG_20220607_015110.jpg
Inside the cardboard box you'll find a plastic box that protect the two figures (May and Torchic). Both figures are inside a plastic bag because the plastic protect the delicate parts of the two figures (for example the flames and May's hair).
IMG_20220607_015122.jpg IMG_20220607_015135.jpg

Both figures don't require any assembly. May already has an attached stand while Torchic has a nice flame stand.
May's stand is round and has a Poké Ball design on it.

Each part of the figure was reproduced really well: May's hair is really well made, the clothes have a lot of creases that give the figure a lot of details, the bag has a visibile zipper and you can see the sole details of the shoes (a small thing and maybe no one cares about it but it's a great detail!).
The gloves and the Poké Ball have a nice effect because they are more shiny compared to the clothes and the shoes.
The pose is excellent and her expression is really nice to see because she seems to have a lot of fun going to catch (or battle) wild Pokémon.
IMG_20221002_183740.jpg IMG_20221002_183816.jpg IMG_20221002_183828.jpg IMG_20221002_183849.jpg IMG_20221002_183900.jpg IMG_20221002_183908.jpg IMG_20221002_184019.jpg IMG_20221002_184025.jpg

The eyes art style is a mix of the old style from Ruby/Sapphire with the new one introduced with XY. A really well made job!
IMG_20221002_184005.jpg IMG_20221002_184008.jpg

Torchic feathers are really well made and if you look closely you can see that the yellow feathers have a lot of creases to give the figure some more realistic details. The eyes have a lot of details and the Pokémon seems ready to battle against other opponents.
The stand is an orange flame that Torchic created using Ember and the details of the flames are excellent: the flames seems alive, the colors change from yellow/orange to a dark orange and some parts seems to have a transparent effect.
IMG_20221002_184044.jpg IMG_20221002_184050.jpg IMG_20221002_184113.jpg IMG_20221002_184106.jpg

The paint job is really good for both May and Torchic and there aren't any issues.
This figure is a must buy for all fans of May!

I ordered the figure from Penguin's Crown and it's not the first time that I buy Pokémon merchandise from them so check them out if you want to buy some Pokémon figures!
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