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Pokémon UNITE arrives on Nintendo Switch in July and on mobile devices in September

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Pokémon UNITE, a strategic team battle game, will be released in July on Nintendo Switch while the mobile version will be released in September.
Cross-platform play between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices is planned, which will allow players to battle together and against one another. You don't require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play.
If you log in using your Nintendo Account or Pokémon Trainer Club account, you’ll be able to use your game data on any device.
This is a free-to-start game; optional in-game purchases available.

Available Pokémon:
  1. Venusaur
  2. Charizard
  3. Blastoise (will be released in the future)
  4. Pikachu
  5. Wigglytuff
  6. Machamp
  7. Gengar
  8. Snorlax
  9. Lucario
  10. Talonflame
  11. Alolan Ninetales
  12. Slowbro
  13. Mr. Mime
  14. Gardevoir (will be released in the future)
  15. Absol
  16. Garchomp
  17. Crustle
  18. Greninja
  19. Cinderace
  20. Eldegoss
  21. Cramorant
A powerful energy permeates Aeos Island that makes Pokémon grow stronger and provides them with enhanced abilities. As the battle progresses, Pokémon will get stronger and learn a variety of new moves.

Pokémon can hold up to three items to hold. There are over 15 types of held items.

During battle, players defeat wild Pokémon or opposing Pokémon and collect the Aeos energy they drop. Players deposit that Aeos energy into one of their opponents’ goal zones to score points for their team. At the end of battle, the team with the most points wins.

The more you battle, the more in-game rewards you will earn. The rewards will unlock more Pokémon, outfits for your Trainer and Holowear for your Pokémon.
You’ll also be able to unlock rewards with Aeos gems, which can be purchased with real-world money.

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