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After some days, the forums returned online!!
Like said previously in another thread, we upgraded the forum board :yesyes: (believe me, the previous version was REALLY old).
Before we quickly see what's new, I have to say a big thank you to @Deoxys for helping with the upgrade!

What's New
  • The forum board was upgraded! :hype:
  • New portal: some old news were lost from the portal (well, they were old so who cares? XD) and now we upgraded our old portal to version 2 (you will notice that it's really different from before!)
  • Two-step verification: you can choose to increases the security of your account by requiring an additional code to complete the login process. If your password is ever compromised, this verification will help prevent unauthorized access to your account.
  • question threads: in some forums we added the option to ask questions
  • quick quotes: you can simply select the text you want to quote and a "quote" button will appear :dance: :happydance: after that you can write your message and add the quotes with the "insert quotes" button
  • you don't need anymore to ask an admin (or in the thread) to change you username!
  • you can post a new thread from everywhere! Once a month you can change it in your account details!!
  • need help with BBcodes? There's a useful guide here: https://pokemon-trainer.com/help/bb-codes/
  • other little things, you have to discover them all roftl (for example, twitter tweets now appear in full and not like a link)
  • more will come in the upcoming days :dance: :happydance: (this because there's a lot to add or to fix but we wanted to open as soon as possibile :suspect:)

What's lost
  • the old themes: sadly some themes aren't compatible with the new forum version so we disabled them (maybe they will return in the future when we'll fix them)
  • the topsite was lost in the upgrade (we had to upgrade our php version and the topsite wasn't compatible)

For now trophies don't show below your avatar/icon so I'll see if we will fix it in the future (for now they appear in your memeber page > about)

If you have a suggestion (or find a bug) please open a new thread in the Feedback forums or if you need help, feel free to write in the Support one
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Jun 20, 2016
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A theme only for Rayquaza... I love it! :wow::wow::wow: I will use this theme forever!
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