1. Pokemon Trainer

    Pokémon Town 2 Festival Street Corner

    Re-Ment's newest "Pokémon Town" mini-dioramas will be released in Japan this June. You can conbine all the figures to creare a hugh diorama featuring a town. Line-up: Pikachu & Ludicolo Piplup Snubbul Pidove & Yamper Eevee & Smeargle Cubone & Lucario
  2. Pokemon Trainer

    Mofu Mofu Arm Pillow Yamper

    ensky announced that a new Mofu Mofu arm pillow, Yamper, will be available this April in Japan.
  3. Pokemon Trainer

    Pokémon PETITE FLEUR EX Galar Region

    Re-Ment's newest "Pokémon Petite Fleur EX: Galar Region" series of mini-dioramas featuring Pokemon inside of a brilliantly decorated capsule will be released in Japan this October. Pikachu and Yamper Alcremie Galarian Ponyta Sobble Grookey Scorbunny
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