1. Pokemon Trainer

    ARTFX J ARTFX J Brendan with Treecko

    A new figure, "ARTFX J Brendan with Treecko" will be made into a figure based on the official artwork below. The figure will be released in Spring 2023. Scale: 1/8 Specification: Pre-Painted PVC Figure Release Date: Spring 2023 We will update this thread with the official release date when we...
  2. Pokemon Trainer

    Review: Pokémon Scale World Hoenn Region set

    Pokémon Scale World are a series of 1/20 scale (approximately) figures that feature Pokémon and Trainers characters. These figures are all scaled to one another to make for realistic displays. The first Hoenn set was released in Japan in June 2021 (was first scheduled to release in May 2021) and...
  3. Pokemon Trainer

    ARTFX J ARTFX J May with Mudkip figure

    The Pokémon figure series vol. 2 "ARTFX J Haruka with mudkip" was announced today at the AnimeJapan 2016. The figure will be relesed in 2017. The Red and Pikachu figure was announced in February at the Wonder Festival in Japan.
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