1. Pokemon Trainer

    Scale World Pokémon Scale World Cynthia with Garchomp

    Bandai announced today that a new Pokémon Scale World figure about Cynthia with Garchomp will be released in July 2022 in Japan. This set cost 5.500 yen. Cynthia is approx. 84mm x 43mm Garchomp is approx. 95 mm x 105 mm Source:
  2. Pokemon Trainer

    Plamo Pokemon Plastic Model Collection 48 Select Series Garchomp

    Bandai's announced today that a new Pokémon Plastic model, Collection 48 Select Series) featuring Garchomp will be released this August in Japan.
  3. Pokemon Trainer

    Nanoblock Pokémon Nanoblock Garchomp and Kubfu

    Nanoblock is a line of construction toys manufactured by Kawada. Two new Nanoblocks, Garchomp and Kubfu, will be released on April 17, 2021 in Japan. Garchomp Kubfu
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