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  1. Deoxys

    Your favourite Regi?

    My favourite are: Regice, Registeel and Regieleki :clapclap:
  2. Deoxys

    Random Pokemon Images Thread

    In this thread we can post/link images about Pokemon what we like, if you know the artist, you can post the name. I begin with this epic image:
  3. Deoxys

    What are you doing right now?

    Here you can write whenever you want what you are doing in a precise moment! Since it's evening and I'm a bit sleepy, I think I'll go very soon to bed! :sleep: :goodnight: :zzz:
  4. Deoxys

    LGPE Are you hyped for this game?

    Vote and comment!:surprised: :what2:
  5. Deoxys

    The "Happy Birthday" Thread!

    We can use this thread to celebrate the birthday of every user! Today is Lorenzo's birthday, Happy Birthday Lorenzo!
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